Reincarnation: 4 ways we return again and again

“I died as a mineral and became a plant,
I died as a plant and rose to animal,
I died as an animal and I was Man.
Why should I fear? When was I less by dying?”
― Rumi

In my analysis there are four ways we return again and again to this world.

First every boson, photon, quantum particle, atom, molecule or DNA strand in me was and is stardust and has been here since the beginning of time and have come together in so many wonderful ways. Subtle levels of quantum consciousness keep them moving through the universes and my body is just one stop along the way.

Then there is the human and other earthbound reincarnation where we continue to live through our DNA and reproduce ourselves leaving our memory of prior genetic existence in our genomes and codes. The so- called Junk DNA probably stores information about every form I have ever taken in this journey on earth.

Then the third is human consciousness or mind – are we all part of a collective consciousness or noosphere that somehow comes into a new born cilld on the 49th day of gestation and downloads information of previous consciousnesses in some way.

Finally the fourth and most difficult to fully fathom is the soul. Is there an immortal being of light that has also been here since creation began that co-exists in my body and is here for a purpose – to learn life after life and evolve towards a return to the source from which it came? If that is the case then there seems to be a gathering (the quickening) of many souls now on earth to witness something spectacular – either the death of a species by its own hand or a spectacular cosmic event or the awakening of a universal awareness that will allow us all to ascend and become spiritual beings that can travel the cosmos and then return to the source after great learning and adventure.

I can live with one or all four ways to reincarnate. When I know I am immortal how can I fear anything? So yes, reincarnation in one or all of these ways is a viable concept.

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Raja Choudhury

Raja Choudhury is an experienced digital media and design professional with over 18 years of leading-edge, award winning, highly acclaimed creative experience in the UK, US and India building multimedia campaigns, content, films, digital brands and installations for some of the World’s leading brands, ideas and institutions. Educated as an Architect at London’s prestigious Architectural Association he went on to build 3 companies that produced revolutionary design products: Zone UK, C3CUBE (US & India) and Universal Quest. His work ranges from kiosk installations, exhibitions and house designs to Webby-award winning websites, major documentary films and social media campaigns. He has worked with Coca-Cola, Tower Records, HMV, Sony Entertainment, BT, News International, PBS, American India Foundation and INTA. His work has garnered a Milia D’Or, two Webby Honourees, an Adobe Site of the Day and numerous other awards and media acclaim over the years. He produces documentary films on consciousness and Indian wisdom. He is a TED speaker and speaks regularly on Social and Digital Media and is a blogger under the avatar of “The Creative Indian.” He lives between New Delhi and New York with his wife Jagriti, daughter Gayatri Noor and cocker spaniel Marley. He is an amateur Mystic, Yogi, Aikido practitioner, squash player, painter and has dreams of becoming an author and teacher.

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